Your Golden Ticket is Within Your Grasp. You May Already Have It.

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NOTE WELL: A golden ticket is NOT a winning lottery ticket. It doesn’t have to be money. But it may lead you to money by turning your gold into wealth.

Here are several areas to evaluate as you begin the search for your golden ticket. There may be several golden tickets you already possess but you haven’t yet realized their value.

1. Communication that’s transferrable. Who is acting on your words?

2. Customers that are loyal and give repeat business without a bid or quote. How many of your customers fit into that category?

3. Customers who give referrals without you asking for them. How many referrals did you earn last month? As many as you wanted? What are you doing about it?

4. Prospective customers who call and want to buy. How many unsolicited referrals did you get last month? Ouch!

5. Followers who re-tweet you. Do you understand the power of Twitter is in the re-tweet?

6. Customers who post positive things on your business Facebook page. Do you even have a business Facebook page?

7. People who watch your videos on YouTube. How many testimonial videos are on your YouTube channel? Not enough!

8. People who ask to connect with you on LinkedIn. Do you have more than 500 connections that you “value message” weekly?

9. People who subscribe to your email magazine. If you’ve been thinking of starting your own e-zine, but you’re not sure where, how, or what, go to Mystery resolved.

10. People who subscribe to your blog. No blog either? Yikes! and are both no cost (except for your labor), and come with complete instructions. Launch!

11. Your reputation in your business and in your community. This is more profound. Maybe most profound. What are you known for? What are you known as? What is your image?

12. Your personal assets. Not your material things. Golden tickets are found among your intellect, your health, your personal development, your drive, your dedication, your creativity, and other priceless intangibles.

13. Your inner circle of friends and connections. People who encourage you and lift your spirits. People who help you without expectation.

14. Your YES! Attitude. This is the foundation for finding and taking advantage of your ticket. Your YES! Attitude is not an option. It’s gold.

15. The random acts of kindness you perform. Doing things that make others feel good, make you feel GREAT! They’re the best one-a-day vitamins in the universe.

15.5 Your family. Family strength compounds personal strength. Family is both gold and golden. It’s love at its unconditional best.

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