Work More. Sell Less. The New Formula for Success.

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The less you work, the less you’ll sell, the less you’ll earn, the more broke you’ll be.

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  1. Hi Jeffrey,

    Great video but some of it I have to say I don’t agree with at all.

    I’m going to assume your referring to the more famous of books the ‘4 Hour Workweek’ which I won’t lie had me believing that it was going to be bogus.

    I did my research, I spent 2 months of solid learning and implementing and getting an idea of how easy it really was to make this money in such little time. It is bogus – a lot of these ideas revolve around ecommerce and affiliate marketing, after spending 2 weeks every night building websites and getting traction I sat back and wondered how 6 hours a night after my normal job was easy money?

    The main point with these systems isn’t the millions to be made but more on the freedom of having hundreds of thousands in the bank for relatively little work/or automated in most cases.

    Few get millions from this style of work, but the one’s that do have set up a host of websites offering a vast amount of things to make money – I can vouche for sure that they didn’t start of on a 4 hour work week either, they would have put in the hours to test, sample and add their products to the websites but also create a buzz around the website too.

    It’s a 4 hour work week after you’ve spent 50 hours per week setting everything up – much like a real business.

  2. Scott Spiker says:

    Well said Jeffrey. I recently did an inventory of the things that I did in my sales career that did not fall into the category like drive product to a customer because his current supplier failed to come through and it resulted in an extra $150k beyond my salary over 2-3 years.

    This video was a breath of fresh air and a voice of reason in this world of trying to find every shortcut and trick to work less. It simply does not work.

    Thank you

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