Where did you learn to sell? How have you modified it?

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In my early intensive days of learning sales and attitude (1972-1973), I was taking a four-hour sales and attitude training class EVERY DAY from 8am-noon. Every day.

All of my fellow learners (there were nine in the group) immediately took a lunch after the training – except me. I scheduled a sales appointment every day at 12:01pm.

I was full of fresh information to make a sale. I had new attitude lessons and new sales ideas, and if you can imagine a daily sales lesson lasting four hours, I was ON FIRE!

Why would I waste that energy on having lunch with co-workers? No way. I wanted to channel that energy, harness that energy, and direct it toward a sales prospect.

My strategy was to practice what I had just learned. Whatever the lesson was about, that’s what I used in my presentation. And I did it with an incredible positive attitude, and the enthusiasm of a child.

NOTE WELL: Keep in mind this occurred in 1972. There were no computers, no videos of any kind, and no CDs. The new technology was cassette tapes, and credit cards were just coming into vogue. Notes were handwritten (yes, I still have those notebooks), and everyone sat around the tape player or record player, or we watched a movie on a 16mm projector.

My objective when I was first learning how to sell is the same as it is today: be the best in the world. I loved it and couldn’t get enough.

As you can imagine, everyone on my team thought I was nuts. Teased me, called me whatever, but I just smiled and went about my business – making sales.

The appointment at 12:01pm had mixed results. While I was on fire, the…[READ MORE!]

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