What’s the Sincerity Level of Your Message?

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When someone tells me to “Have a nice day,” I don’t think they mean it. I think they’re just saying it as a kind of mundane, almost impolite, form of politeness. Forced nicety. Said out of habit, not sincerity. To me, it’s not just thoughtless, it’s also meaningless. Heck, half the time people don’t even look at you when they say it.

Oh, they don’t mean it as an insult. People say, “Have a nice day,” because they don’t know what else to say. Or don’t care what they say. Or they are trained to say it.

But think about it. Do they only mean THAT day? Do they want me to have a crappy tomorrow? Or they will go so far as to say, “Have a good rest of the week.” What does that mean, I’m going to have a horrible weekend? Or month? Or year? Or life?

Boring and insincere typically has a way of permeating everything else in a company. The color of your logo.
The politically correctness of your slide show.
The stuffiness of your business card.
The boringness of your job title.

Who cares? ONLY YOU! (Your marketing people, your ad agency, yada, yada) Anyone preparing “boring” marketing tools in this day and age should be forced to take that crap out on a sales call and see how CUSTOMERS perceive it or care ten cents about it.

The key word is SINCERITY.
The secondary word is DIFFERENTIATION.

Here are some GOLDEN opportunities to be creatively sincere:
• At the fast food window
• When customers walk in your store
• When customers pay for something
• When customers board the plane
• When customers are about to order in a restaurant
• When customers are sent an invoice

These are all opportunities to prove differentiation, be sincere, and even WOW the customer!

What about you? How sincere are you?

Here are 4 things you can do tomorrow without anyone’s permission:
• Look me in the eye. Make sure there’s a locked-in moment
• Say something slightly different. “You’re all set.” vs. “Thanks for your business.”
• Shake my hand like you mean it. Firm, with eye contact.
• Smile. When you smile, it makes others smile.

IDEA: Make a goal to create 12 smiles a day through your words, actions or deeds. Creativity and sincerity will automatically materialize.

Have a nice day!



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  1. I appreciate and empathize with what your saying. You can tell that when most people tell you to “Have a nice day” or when they ask how you are upon greeting that they really don’t mean it and that they don’t care.

    I, on the other hand work in B2B Sales as an Inside Sales Rep and guess what; I ask that question of the people I talk to on the phone all day long, and I mean it! I really do care how your day is going and if it’s not going well or if you are just really behind the gun and busy; I listen to your answer, the tone & inflection in your voice and if it’s not a good time, I apologize and ask to call you back tomorrow or next week depending on the sitiuation. I will talk to them about whatever subject the conversation leans towards; even if it has nothing to do with my goal for calling them, and I actually engage in the conversation and am sincerely interested in what we are talking about. I of course get to the reason for my call either sooner or later depending on the call flow and when I ask them for a meeting; I listen to their answer. If they have valid reasons for not meeting; guess what I don’t push them! I respect what it is they are saying to me.

    The issue is not the message itself; the problem is that people, it seems in general are not sincere about much of anything today OR they work in Sales and become robots without souls or personalities as soon as they start talking to a potential customer or business partner. People just need to be themselves in life and at work. You have a personality for a reason; if it’s a good one, use that sucker!

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