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Most people don’t know what to say on, what to do on, or what to do with social media. And it’s a club with more than 700 million members.

There has gotta be an opportunity in there someplace.

Here’s the thought reality: Stop thinking of it as social media, and begin thinking of it as BUSINESS social media.

Immediately some clarity begins to creep in. You’re already using LinkedIn as a business proposition. You’re getting contacts, finding prospects, searching by company and title for qualified people to connect with (link with). You may even be job hunting or job upgrading.

Why not use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube the same way?

Why not create daily/weekly/monthly value messages that your customers would find so interesting and informative that they would save them, print them, put them into action, and forward them to others?

Sounds way more powerful than cold calling and groping, grasping, begging, or manipulating your way to an appointment – that will most likely result in rejection – even if you use your fanciest, newest, “closing technique.”

Cold calling is such a cruel joke in this day and age.

TODAY’S REALITY: Do everything you can to use business social media to build brand, image, reputation, and perceived value with your customers and your business community.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Send messages that your customers perceive as valuable to them. Messages so valuable that they will tell others.

BUSINESS SOCIAL MEDIA REALITY: It’s not about tweeting; it’s about being re-tweeted. It’s not about finding someone on LinkedIn; it’s about them finding you, and wanting to connect. It’s not about searching out someone on Facebook; it’s about someone finding your business Facebook Page and “liking” it. It’s not about posting a video on YouTube; it’s about someone sending your video to someone else.

“But Jeffrey,” you whine, “How do I know what’s most important or most valuable to MY customers?”

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