What should a business lunch consist of?

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There are 4.5 business lunch categories:

1.Building a relationship and trying to make connections.

2. New prospective customer not looking to buy yet.

3. New prospective buyer getting ready to buy.

4. Existing customer who you are building a relationship with and/or who is ready to buy.

4.5 GREAT food.

Lunch should consist of at least 1/3 relationship building talk. Talk about things you have in common (golf, sports, college, home state) as much as you can. Talk about customers in common or business things you have in common (experiences, jobs, etc.). Talk about your specific agenda. If you don’t have time for business talk, it was a very successful lunch. That means you talked about things in common and had a great time.

HERE’S AN IDEA: The four-way lunch. Get your customer to bring a referral for you, and you bring a referral for your customer. Your customer may be reluctant to bring you a referral unless you bring one for him. Think about how powerful this scenario is, then try it one or two times.

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  1. Awesome idea. Reminds me of the book “never eat alone.” Easy to forget the power of personal contact in the chaos of social media frenzy.

  2. Simple, to the point and effective. Most would consider not having time for business talk at a business lunch a failed opportunity. Heck I have to admit I thought the same…until now. It just makes since.

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