What Happened Last Year? And What’s the Goal for Next Year?

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It’s interesting to me that at the end of the year, people are always interested in your biggest success, or your biggest failure, in the year that’s ending.

They also want to know what you have resolved to do new and better next year.

Everyone wants you to write down your goals, your plans, your dreams, or, in the short term, your New Year’s resolutions.

All of the above is a bunch of hooey UNLESS you have a better understanding of the big picture, or, should I say, your big picture.

Everything you did this year had one of five things occur at the end:

1. Great outcome – went way better than planned, and you won.
2. Good outcome – went as planned.
3. No outcome – still pending, or dropped.
4. Bad outcome – went wrong, or lost it.
5. Real bad outcome – went way wrong, and died.

And all of those five outcomes carried with them lessons. Lessons of why and how – the lessons you learned before, during, and after you took on any task, made any goal, or took any actions.

And it is those lessons that are the focus of this writing.

It’s also interesting to note that almost nothing you read, or are taught, focuses on these lessons. When in fact, they were, and are, the most valuable part of the achievement process.

The combined lessons you’ve learned up to this point in your life represent what is loosely known as … [READ MORE]

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