The Skills You Need To Be a True Leader

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If you’re a boss, manager, or leader of some kind, listen up. This lesson will help you clarify the real-world skills you need to be a true leader. I’m talking about the leadership qualities needed to succeed: the action items, principles, and skills to employ so leadership works. So it works for you, your people, your customers, your vendors, and your company-in that order.

But there are degrees of leadership effectiveness. Your ability to master these leadership skills are in direct proportion to your ability to lead. If you’re looking for clarity, look no further than these skills:

Get your people to like you and believe in you. Hated leaders are eventually overthrown-or fired. If a hated leader cannot be fired, people will quit.

Make sure your people and their jobs are a “fit.” People need to feel comfortable about the tasks they are performing and the space they’re performing them in.

Let your people share their goals with you, then modify them together. When people set their own goals, they think they can achieve them.

Give your people specific tasks and clear direction. Make sure all employees know what they are responsible for and how to perform or carry out their responsibilities. And make sure they see the big picture and how their part fits into it.

Create an environment in which people love their work and their workplace. Make the workplace fun. Make sure employees can complete tasks with a sense of pride and satisfaction. Provide a GREAT and happy atmosphere to work in. Make the duty, task, or project challenging-without being oppressive or stressful.

Make sure all “money matters” are clear. Don’t mess with employees’ money. And worse, don’t reduce pay or commissions to cut costs. Pay fair, benefit well, and provide security. Otherwise people will leave.

Make sure paychecks are accurate. People count their money and count on it. Nothing dings morale more than messed up wages.

Encourage your people. The most effective leaders are coaches. They stand on the sidelines and cheer for their players. To encourage your people, buy everyone a copy of The Little Engine That Could.

Reward your people. It doesn’t have to be money; however, if you ask them what they want, money will always be their answer. Whatever you give them, don’t be cheap about it. Make them feel valued.

Praise your people. Praise hard work. Praise effort. Praise accomplishment. Often.

By your actions and your achievements-be their hero. If you want them to become dedicated players, your people need to see your dedication. If you are the one driving the train and making big things happen, you will become a hero to those who respect your ethics and accomplishments.

How’s that for a dose of clarity?

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