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I’m excited to be able to share the new and improved Sales Caffeine. Improved design, improved navigation, and improved information. Read through this week’s online issue or click on the photo:

Here’s some of the feedback I have received from subscribers like you:

“I love the new design of your new email newsletter. As I can get pretty busy I’m much more likely to read the material when the interface is inviting and accessible. This is even more true since I have a Masters in Communications Design. Your new email news design proves that good design just makes sense. As far as the content- It’s always rock solid!!”

“The best newsletter on the market just got better. I have all Jeff’s books and read all the newsletters. I have poached many of his ideas and continue to look forward to his insight.”

Bob P.
“Really loved this issue. The content and the design are excellent.”

Thanks & Best Regards,
Arnab B.
“Hey, team, congratulations on the new Sales Caffeine format. It was already good, showing that there is always room for improvement. It is now more “readable”, bringing in different point of views from collaborators, a helpful index on the top. And I love “Self Test” that deserves its new prominent position.”Regards from Brazil,

João Pedro R.
“LOVE the new look! You guys are just the BEST!”



What do you think about the changes? Leave a comment for me over on my Facebook page today.

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