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Here’s a 3.5 step plan that will make everyone so friendly, you’ll feel like work is Disney World – OK, Wally World:

1.  Create Friendly. Select and document every friendly way, manner and response – then benchmark it (write it down), then empower your people to say ONLY that.

2.  Train Friendly. To some degree friendly can be taught. If you have grumpy people (or want to avoid attracting them) here’s a few methods and strategies to remedy the situation:

  • Train People in the fundamental skills that build themselves first, and your company second. Most employers train about their own stuff and their own policies and procedures, but neglect the person carrying out the tasks. Why try to teach algebra to someone who can’t add?
  • Train your people what to do in the top 25 real-world situations that occur when a customer calls or visits. Train them to ask questions that can close a sale.
  • When interacting with a customer, concentrate on the person, not the personality. Concentrate on the caller, not the call. Your fist job is to help the customer – not yourself.
  • Hire happy people. I have a quicker solution. Just institute this policy: If you’re grumpy, you’re fired! Simple enough – no, no wait – better to get them a job at your biggest competitor – that way when they chase business away, it will come to you

3.  Create a friendly atmosphere on the inside and outside. Live Friendly.

  • Be a friendly person on the inside. Have the attitude it takes to be smiling internally first. Major Clue for employee: Poor attitude can come from places other than work. Major clue for employer: You can’t change people’s home life, but it’s to every employer’s best advantage to make the atmosphere inside the workplace a fun one.
  • Be a friendly person to your co-workers. Say nice things to them. Help them when they least expect it.
  • Create a happy work environment – flowers, posters, banners.
  • Start with yes.
  • Have parties.
  • Tell jokes.

3.5.  Measure your “friendly” factor. Survey your people, survey your customers, survey your vendors – get monthly (anonymous) feedback. Ask questions that get to the truth about happiness. Get the pulse from the heart.

JUST TRY THIS… Answer the phone like everyone on the other end is a friend you haven’t seen in years.

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