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Most people reduce themselves to joke tellers, or should I say, “joke re-tellers,” or should I say, “bad joke re-tellers.” Joke telling is dangerous and usually not very funny for three reasons.

First, most jokes are demeaning to one person or another. Second, jokes sound contrived, almost like you’re trying too hard. And third (worst), if the audience has heard the joke before, it makes you look like a complete idiot, especially  after the joke when you’re the only one laughing.

Stories on the other hand, are genuine. They tell about experience, they can use self-effecing humor, and they’re engaging. When you tell a great story, it makes the listener think of a story to engage you with. (In storytelling, that’s called a “topper.”) If you can make each person in the audience think of their own story as a result of listening to yours, that’s a rapport builder.

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