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Unbreakable Law 5: Build Your Own Brand


PICTURE THIS: You just got laid off from a job you’ve had for the past five years. Now what? Obviously the answer is find a job – a great job – as fast as you can. One that pays more than your old job so you can call your boss and tell him or her to stick it.

BUT THE QUESTION REALLY IS: Who are you? If you’re going to apply for a new job, you probably think you need to update your resume. Are you kidding me? I mean are you serious? Resume? Dude, the days of only having a resume are over. Social media, personal brand, and reputation have taken over – forever. If you come to me looking for a job, I don’t care about your resume and I don’t care about your references. Do you honestly think I am going to call your high school track coach or a college professor who thinks you’re a great guy?


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