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Unbreakable Law 10: Communicate in Terms of Them


Most sales presentations, most marketing messages, most brochures, most advertising, and most websites are all about the company and the product or service they offer. “We do this, we do that, we are great, we are the best.” I refer to these messages as “we-we.” Meanwhile the customers, you know, the ones with the money, are looking for a message about how THEY produce, how THEY win, and how THEY profit. This is a classic example of the mixed message combined with a missed message. If a customer hears a canned sales pitch that does not apply directly to them and their business, they will ask for a proposal, jerk you around as much as possible, never return your calls or messages, and buy from your competitor who was smart enough to personalize their message. Any questions? I have one: Who are your messages about?


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