The 14.5 Definitions of Trust

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Trust is everywhere – it’s ubiquitous and omnipotent.

1. The risk of trust and trusting – trust is a risk.
2. Initial trust is tentative.
3. Trust is a form of faith.
4. Trust lowers resistance.
5. Trust lowers barriers.
6. Friendship leads to trust.
7. Business relationships leads to trust.
8. Business deals are based on trust.
9. Dealings over time lead to trust.
10. Sales are based on trust.
11. Trust is the link between yes and no.
12. Trust is a green light.
13. Personal relationships lead to trust.
14. Marriage is based on love and trust.
14.5 Trust breeds confidence – in yourself and from others.

The big secret to earning trust is to uncover why it doesn’t exist at this moment and work bit by bit to gain it. The bigger secret is that once you have trust, you must fight to keep trust. But the biggest secret is in order to get trust, you have to be trustworthy and give trust.

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