The 100-year path to a sale is over: Road Closed

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We are in the year 2011 and it’s amazing to me that people are still cold calling, leaving voicemails, asking for appointments, and, in general, trying to pull out their Felix the Cat tricks that were dead and gone the moment the Internet reached awareness. (No offense, Felix.)

Why on earth would someone let you in to see a decision maker on a cold call?
Why on earth would someone return your cold call voicemail?
Why on earth would someone grant you an appointment to make a sales pitch from a cold call?
Why on earth would someone listen to your time-worn sales pitch/tricks without a hint of value coming from you?
Why on earth would you look for your prospect’s pain when he or she is looking for pleasure?
Why on earth would you try to sell your prospect, when all they want to do is buy?

Every day I receive sales questions via email, on my website, through my social media platforms, and from phone calls to my office. ALL of them focus around how to do something new with a strategy that is 100 years old.

How do I overcome objections?
How do I make a better cold call?
How do I leave a better voicemail on a first call?
How do I close a sale?

Most of the people asking these questions only have nine Twitter followers. Maybe less. Maybe none. Or maybe they aren’t even on Twitter – and that’s why they’re stuck on the old path where the road is blocked, forever.

And worse, you get angry at me when I tell you what to do, and how to win.

If you’re stuck in the ’80s, the best answer I can give you is to buy (or invent) a time machine, set it for 1980, and go back and live there. You’ll have ten years to hustle and struggle.

REALITY: The days of selling the old way are not only gone, they’re annoying! Not to me. They’re annoying to your customer and your potential customer.

THE NEW WORLD OF SALES: The Internet and business social media are the new order of selling. They’re the new frontier. BUT first, you have to believe it’s worth it, resolve to make a plan, dedicate yourself to hard work for a year, and discipline yourself to daily execution.

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