The Two Most Important Words In Sales

RSS readers click here for video. Here are some specific examples of before and after the sale “value ideas.” Think about these and then create your own! • Sharing industry best practices. • Manufacturing components and offering plant safety tips. • Medical devices to doctors and teaching … [Read more...]

You Don’t Add Value – You Give Value

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Jeffrey Answers a Question on Value Propositions | Real World Sales Wisdom

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Jeffrey Answers a Question about Finding True Objections | Real World Sales Wisdom   Its not what you say, it's what the customer perceives.  … [Read more...]

Your Golden Ticket is Within Your Grasp. You May Already Have It.

NOTE WELL: A golden ticket is NOT a winning lottery ticket. It doesn't have to be money. But it may lead you to money by turning your gold into wealth. Here are several areas to evaluate as you begin the search for your golden ticket. There may be several golden tickets you already possess … [Read more...]

Are you the leader or just the boss?

The leader of a symphony orchestra knows how to play every instrument. He also knows how those instruments blend together to create a symphonic sound. The leader of a choir knows every note that everybody has to sing, and knows how the voices and notes blend together to make harmony. They're … [Read more...]

Make More Sales By Avoiding These Common Blunders

I'm about to share common mistakes that salespeople make. You make them, too. I am listing as many as possible so you can pick out the ones that apply to you specifically. But I promise you will overlook some. REASON: You think I'm incorrect to list them. HINT: Those are your biggest mistakes to … [Read more...]

5.5 Elements To Think About When Presenting

Your ability to present a compelling, believable, enthusiastic, value-driven message is the difference between yes and no, understanding and confusion, acceptance or rejection, and even approval or denial. In the beginning of a presentation, there are 5.5 elements that determine whether a sale … [Read more...]