7.5 Things to Think About At the New Year

1. Why are people sending me emails with "the most sincere wishes... from the bottom of our hearts..." and then asking me to buy their crap IN THE SAME EMAIL? Couldn't they send me sincere wishes in one email, and buy my crap requests in the other? When I get these email cards, I make a mental note … [Read more...]

Sales Words and Phrases to Avoid at All Costs!

Create a new way to ask for the sale. My friend Mitchell Kearney is the best commercial photographer in this region. When shooting a subject he never says "smile". That's got to be a major obstacle if you're a photographer. He says it makes him more creative to ask his subject for a smile without … [Read more...]

Why Did You Choose Sales?

What do you like about sales? What do you love about sales? CONSIDER THIS: If you know what you like and love about sales, then doing the hard work to make them happen becomes a joy rather than a job. Here is a list of things that might jog your memory back to the time you first chose sales as a … [Read more...]

Are Your Sales Historical or Hysterical?

Summer’s over. Back to school. Boy, there are some memories. High school. College. Subjects you loved, subjects you hated. Teachers you loved, teachers you hated. THE QUESTION IS: What did you learn in school? What lessons are you still using? I have 2.5 major, early and later … [Read more...]

The Countdown for The Laws Book is HERE | 7 Days and Counting…

Unbreakable Law 16: Discover the Why CHALLENGE This is the most complex of all laws because it has so many aspects, applications, and requires deep answers. Why are you doing what you do? Why are you willing to risk? Why not? Why are your earnings where they are? Why aren’t they higher? Why do … [Read more...]

The Countdown for The Laws Book is HERE | 14 Days and Counting…

Unbreakable Law 9: Deliver Value First CHALLENGE My marketing mantra for the past twenty-one years has been: I put myself in front of people that can say yes to me, and I deliver value first. It has been the single biggest AHA! of my entire sales and marketing career. When you ask yourself, … [Read more...]

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Unbreakable Law 5: Build Your Own Brand CHALLENGE PICTURE THIS: You just got laid off from a job you've had for the past five years. Now what? Obviously the answer is find a job - a great job - as fast as you can. One that pays more than your old job so you can call your boss and tell him or … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer | Real World Sales Wisdom

Write one article. After you have spent a few months writing things down, I challenge you to write one article that will appear in a magazine or newsletter that your prospective customers, or your existing customers, might read. When you appear in print, it changes your customer's entire … [Read more...]