Jeffrey Answers a Question about Cold Calling via Email | Sales Training

RSS readers click here. SALES TIP: Friendly beats professional every time. It’s always interesting to me to see the word professional when referring to salespeople or sales training. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather deal with a friendly person than a professional person, because I can get along … [Read more...]

Be Inspired by the Top Minds in Sales

Get an MBA in Sales Leadership in One Day What are your organization’s biggest sales challenges? Get answers to your toughest questions from the top minds in sales at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit on June 20. This exciting online trade show features 62 sales experts, including 11 well-known a … [Read more...]

It’s Time For Reflection.

Not the one you see in the mirror in the morning. I'm talking about a way bigger reflection than that. It's a reflection about time, accomplishment, achievement, and fulfillment. Life reflection. When I was cold calling in New York City, often making sales, but more often getting my head handed to … [Read more...]

The Sale Re-defined

The key to mastering any kind of sales is switching statements about you – how great you are, and what you do – to statements about them. -Gitomer … [Read more...]

What Are You Really Asking Of “Your People?”

“I want my people to be accountable.” “I want our people to be MORE accountable.” “Our main issue this year is ‘accountability.’” Sound familiar? Accountability is the number one recurring theme throughout sales leadership in the United States. Sales leaders want their salespeople to be more … [Read more...]

Are You Always Right or Wrong? Probably Right. Too Bad.

Why do salespeople always have to be right? Why do customer service people always have to be right?   When a customer calls and has a question, a concern, a complaint, or needs an answer, the first words out of your mouth set the tone for the transaction. And these words lay the foundation … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer in The Wall Street Journal – Why Divas Need Make No Apology

"About a dozen times a year, strangers invite Jeffrey Gitomer to lunch, hoping to ask him for career or business advice. Mr. Gitomer, a sales consultant, speaker and author, is always happy to help: "Sure, no problem. I'll even buy lunch," he tells the entrepreneurs and small-business owners who … [Read more...]

Keeping Good Salespeople is Harder Than Finding Them!

What are you doing to keep your salespeople? Here's a list of 23.5 elements to build and grow a stellar sales team: 1. Structure a fair compensation package that is commission based The more they sell, the more they earn. People get into sales because it's got the potential for great financial … [Read more...]