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If you’ve never been to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City you’re missing an exceptional experience and an incredible lesson in sales. When you enter this Frank Lloyd Wright designed building, you’ll be immediately amazed by the rotunda exposing the entire museum. Art is everywhere and a … [Read more...]

Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers of 2013

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The Countdown for The Laws Book is HERE | 5 Days and Counting…

Unbreakable Law 18: Be Perceived as Different CHALLENGE If the customer doesn’t perceive a difference, there is NONE, regardless of your rhetoric. It may be in your speed of response, it may be in a service offering you have, it may be same-day shipping, OR NOT. It may be as simple as … [Read more...]

The Countdown for The Laws Book is HERE | 20 Days and Counting…

Unbreakable Law 3: Believe Before You Succeed CHALLENGE If you're looking for the secret sauce of making more sales and more money, the fulcrum point is your belief system. The way you believe in your company, your product, your ability to convey your message, your ability to differentiate … [Read more...]

The POWER of Sales Success. It’s all within you!

The POWER of Sales Success. It’s all within you! Yesterday I talked about the power of sales success and gave you the first ten personal powers you need to possess in order to have all of the sales success you desire. As a professional salesperson, you want more selling power and this two-part … [Read more...]

The POWER of Sales Success is 100% in Your Control

Every salesperson wants to think of him or herself as powerful but, if asked, would have no idea where their power actually comes from. Most salespeople fail to understand their own power. The reason they don’t is that there is a heavy concentration on what cannot be controlled or what is not … [Read more...]

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Jeffrey Gitomer – Named one of the Top Sales & Marketing Influencers for 2013


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