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Unbreakable Law 7: Be Assertive and Persistent CHALLENGE The age-old question in sales is: "Should I, or shouldn't I?" This question refers to almost every action a salesperson might take, but it is especially common in the areas of leaving a message, asking for the sale, or when is the best … [Read more...]


YES! is the ultimate attitude word, thought, reaction, response, expression of joy, expression of achievement, and recovery. It’s dedication to positive thought, expression, transference of message, and resilience. YES! must envelop all thoughts at all times in order to focus on the positive side of … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer | How to Achieve a Positive Attitude

Get rid of negative people in your life. They waste your time and bring you down. #gitomer #attitude Attitude is the way you respond to the situation, not the situation itself. #attitude #gitomer Understand that negative energy and negative thoughts BLOCK positive thoughts and creative … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer | Real World Sales Wisdom

To achieve positive attitude you must study it, and practice the self-discipline of it. You must live the essence of it - every day. … [Read more...]

It’s Time For Reflection.

Not the one you see in the mirror in the morning. I'm talking about a way bigger reflection than that. It's a reflection about time, accomplishment, achievement, and fulfillment. Life reflection. When I was cold calling in New York City, often making sales, but more often getting my head handed to … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer | Real World Sales Wisdom

In sales, if you believe, you have a chance to set an atmosphere to transfer that belief, and create an atmosphere where someone wants to BUY.   … [Read more...]

Got Attitude?

“If all it takes is an angry stranger to ruin your day, what are you going to do if something really serious happens? Why give someone else control of your life like that?” -Jeffrey Gitomer … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Deal of the Week #592 – Master Your Sales Universe

Make the decision that it's worth it to dedicate the time to yourself, the most important person in the world.   … [Read more...]