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RSS readers click here for video. The Gitomer certified advisor program is the most complete, diverse, real world, content rich program of it's kind -- it is the only program that combines classroom and state of the art online training and reinforcement. A lot of people asking about the … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Deal of the Week – Network With No Fear!

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Make a Sale on Monday. It Does Wonders for Your Week.

If you're looking for consistency in selling performance, try these steps. You won't believe how lucky you start to get. Monday. How you do on the first day of the week sets the tone for the rest of it. And how you do on Monday is based entirely on how smart you worked last week. If you are … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Deal of the Week #600 – Celebrating Sales Caffeine

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Getting ready to think! Are you ready? What are you thinking?

Here are 8.5 personal insights that will help you achieve some original thought, reaffirm some existing thought, and maybe even get rid of a few unwanted thoughts… 1. Identify your NOW feeling and state of mind. What’s up? Happy? Sad? Afraid? Mad? It’s important that your mind at least be in “neut … [Read more...]

It’s Time For Reflection.

Not the one you see in the mirror in the morning. I'm talking about a way bigger reflection than that. It's a reflection about time, accomplishment, achievement, and fulfillment. Life reflection. When I was cold calling in New York City, often making sales, but more often getting my head handed to … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer’s First Live Webinar of 2013!

You have to take pride in your achievements and your accomplishments. That pride, that ownership, and that responsibility will lead you to the next achievement. … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer | Real World Sales Wisdom

If you love what you do, your passion will lead you to success, and your success will lead to your fulfillment. -Jeffrey Gitomer … [Read more...]