Jeffrey Recommends: USB Memory Direct

  Do YOU deliver way beyond what you are selling? Jeff Levinson at USB Memory Direct called me the other day and he was offering me a free deal on custom flash drives. No obligation! And it turns out, there was no obligation! When somebody calls me on the phone and they want to sell … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer in The Wall Street Journal – Why Divas Need Make No Apology

"About a dozen times a year, strangers invite Jeffrey Gitomer to lunch, hoping to ask him for career or business advice. Mr. Gitomer, a sales consultant, speaker and author, is always happy to help: "Sure, no problem. I'll even buy lunch," he tells the entrepreneurs and small-business owners who … [Read more...]

8.5 Qualities of a Sales Leader. How Many Have You Got?

1. Maintain a positive attitude...Solution oriented. Action oriented. People oriented. A leader's enthusiasm is contagious. If you get too close, you can catch a serious case of success. 2. Embrace change...Change is certain. Followers tend to resist change. It is the mark of a leader to welcome … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer | Real World Sales Wisdom

Your ability to look someone in the eye as you speak to them, is a tell-tale sign of your own self-respect and self-belief. Eye contact is powerful either by absence or presence. Don't you find it a sign of weakness when others do not make eye contact with you?   … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger Brandon Steiner | Blessings in Disguise

Today I welcome a guest blogger, Brandon Steiner of Steiner Sports Memorabilia. He combined a street-smart upbringing in Brooklyn with a love of sports and serendipity to create the largest sports autograph company in the world. As testament to his moxie, he bought the entire original Yankee Stadium … [Read more...]

You Don’t Add Value – You Give Value

[Read more...]

Ring Your Own Cash Register – ChaChing

In order to turn your dreams into success, you gotta work. You gotta work hard, you gotta work consistently, and you gotta work continually to improve and ultimately be your BEST! … [Read more...]

Challenge for Today | Focus on Getting Better by Being Aware

Be friendly first, and everything else falls into place. How friendly are you? How easy is it for you to connect and make friends? Master friendly and you have taken a huge first step in networking. … [Read more...]