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Join me, Jennifer Gluckow, and Don The Idea Guy Monday, October 26, 2015 at 5:30pm Eastern for a LIVE video chat on the hot new social platform The three of us will be sharing ideas on how you can get better at sales by delivering value first, building an online reputation by posting … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Answers a Question about Creating Loyalty | Sales Training

RSS readers click here for video. You can invest in some marketing program to reach new people - or you can invest in giving your existing customers the best service possible, and let THEM find new people for you. ~Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of twelve best-selling books including The Sales … [Read more...]

Be Inspired by the Top Minds in Sales

Get an MBA in Sales Leadership in One Day What are your organization’s biggest sales challenges? Get answers to your toughest questions from the top minds in sales at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit on June 20. This exciting online trade show features 62 sales experts, including 11 well-known a … [Read more...]

Ready Set Boost Event Featuring Jeffrey Gitomer | June 19, 2013

RSS readers click here for video. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE! Make people want to know you by the business, market, and community actions you take. ~From Jeffrey’s new book, The Sale Re-Defined. … [Read more...]

The Two Most Important Words In Sales

RSS readers click here for video. Here are some specific examples of before and after the sale “value ideas.” Think about these and then create your own! • Sharing industry best practices. • Manufacturing components and offering plant safety tips. • Medical devices to doctors and teaching … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Answers a Question on Cold Calling | Real World Sales Wisdom

RSS readers may click here for the video.   Here are 12.5 real world connection strategies to eliminate cold calling. These are not “no brainers.” They’re “brainers!” They’re ideas and strategies that require smart, hard-working people to turn the strategies into money: 1. Build r … [Read more...]

Win Now | A New Book from Jeffrey Gitomer – Available Only on Kindle

Thinking you will can put you in a positive position to help make it happen, but it doesn’t guarantee it. You also need to act on the goal. ~Jeffrey Gitomer, author of Win Now, a new book only available on Kindle, now available on Amazon! … [Read more...]

The Sale Redefined | A New Book Only Available on Kindle

Make a list of what you’re saying or doing that you are CERTAIN is different from what your competition is saying or doing. ~Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Sale Re-defined, our new book on kindle, now available on Amazon! … [Read more...]