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Unbreakable Law 21: Earn Without Asking CHALLENGE All salespeople want to make sales, ask for referrals, and beg for some letter of testimonial. Luckily, you’re not like all salespeople. The key to sales success is the word “earn.” You never have to close a sale if you earn it and you never … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer | How to Achieve a Positive Attitude

Get rid of negative people in your life. They waste your time and bring you down. #gitomer #attitude Attitude is the way you respond to the situation, not the situation itself. #attitude #gitomer Understand that negative energy and negative thoughts BLOCK positive thoughts and creative … [Read more...]

Make sales at breakfast.

Instead of trying to get to work "on time," make a five-dollar appointment, and buy a customer or prospective customer breakfast. 7AM, 7:30AM, 8AM -- early baby. Make money while other people are driving in the traffic. I start my day so early that my mantra for the last 15 years has been "I make … [Read more...]

Are you making sales or measuring sales activity?

The growth of sales

The amount of time management spends measuring sales activity and salespeople (or dumber, the ROI of some investment they made in CRM), is generally wasted effort. The same amount of time could be invested in making millions of dollars worth of sales if the salesperson was just pointed in the … [Read more...]

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RSS readers click here for video. If you need content to add to your existing coaching practice… If you need content to add to your existing training business… If you have ever wanted to become a sales trainer, coach, or consultant… If you have ever wanted to use my material and my name in … [Read more...]

What do you do EVERY DAY to build attraction and brand?

PERSONAL REALITY: You wake up, shower, shave (M), put on makeup (F), brush your teeth, and comb/fix your hair (if you have any). Every day like clockwork. Those are personal habits. Rarely (if ever) missed. What about business habits? Personal, business habits? BUSINESS REALITY: Do you have … [Read more...]

How Good Am I At That? | Leadership Tips

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The Biggest Thing Sales Leaders Overlook: SALES!

REALITY QUESTION FOR SALES MANAGERS: Why would you, as a leader, take an improving salesperson who is having the best year of their career, and tell him or her they’re “not making enough calls”? Why not do something to actually help? REALITY ANSWERS: (Pick any or all that apply.) You’re an idiot … [Read more...]