Motives to Buy Are The Most Powerful Motivator to Securing a Sale.

I focus on buying motives. Reason? They’re a million times more powerful than selling skills. Make that a zillion. And here’s the best part -- your competition is still “selling.” Two big questions: How do you uncover buying motives? At the heart of understanding and capturing buying motives is … [Read more...]

FREE EBOOK – INSTANT DOWNLOAD – The Little e-Book of Follow Up

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Advertising Brings Awareness, Testimonials Bring Customers | Sales Tips

RSS readers click here for video. Why not try something you hardly ever do? ASK FOR THE SALE A FEW TIMES BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Here are a few "friendly" ways to ask:  I'll call you at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. If you're not there, I'll just go ahead and enter the order. Do you really want me to … [Read more...]

Self-Evaluation of the Basic Elements of Leadership

AM I THE LEADER I WANT TO BE? Leaders rarely get to evaluate themselves. Below is your opportunity to take a brief look in the mirror. Take a few moments and give yourself an honest response as to your present skill level. NOTE WELL: If you only look at this list and don’t actually circle a n … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Win Now!

You can’t change things in THE world, but you can change things in YOUR world. ~Jeffrey Gitomer, author of Win Now, a new book only available on Kindle, now available on Amazon! … [Read more...]

Rise to the Challenge!

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Are your antennas up?

Listen Up! Where is your attention?   "Pay attention!"   Ever hear those words when you were growing up? Hundreds of times, right? And you probably thought you were being scolded. Actually, when you were told to "pay attention," you were getting one of life's most valuable … [Read more...]