Are You Always Right or Wrong? Probably Right. Too Bad.

Why do salespeople always have to be right? Why do customer service people always have to be right?   When a customer calls and has a question, a concern, a complaint, or needs an answer, the first words out of your mouth set the tone for the transaction. And these words lay the foundation … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer in The Wall Street Journal – Why Divas Need Make No Apology

"About a dozen times a year, strangers invite Jeffrey Gitomer to lunch, hoping to ask him for career or business advice. Mr. Gitomer, a sales consultant, speaker and author, is always happy to help: "Sure, no problem. I'll even buy lunch," he tells the entrepreneurs and small-business owners who … [Read more...]

What’s the Sincerity Level of Your Message?

When someone tells me to “Have a nice day,” I don’t think they mean it. I think they’re just saying it as a kind of mundane, almost impolite, form of politeness. Forced nicety. Said out of habit, not sincerity. To me, it’s not just thoughtless, it’s also meaningless. Heck, half the time people don’t … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer | Challenge for Today

The less you focus on your motive to meet, the more likely it is that your connection will be successful. All connections need not be sales, but they can lead to sales. Is your focus short-term gain, or a long-term relationship?   … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer | Real World Sales Wisdom

Your ability to look someone in the eye as you speak to them, is a tell-tale sign of your own self-respect and self-belief. Eye contact is powerful either by absence or presence. Don't you find it a sign of weakness when others do not make eye contact with you?   … [Read more...]

Looking for happiness? Give it to yourself!

Many people will tell you to get a positive attitude, or that a positive attitude is essential for success. But very few tell you HOW to achieve one, so I will.   Here's how: I just gave you the first clue: Surround yourself with "happy." Create a happy living space. The second: … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer | Real World Sales Wisdom

Change is not a four letter word...but often your reaction to it is! -Gitomer … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer | Challenge for Today

People judge you. By your words, your promises, and every action that you take. Do you always do what you say you will do? Do people refer to you as first class? … [Read more...]