How Do You Succeed? It Depends On Who You Expose Yourself To!

Many of my role models are alive, but I haven't met them. They're not necessarily role models for who they are, but instead for what they do, and how they have done it. Steve Jobs is at the top of the list. Many of my close friends and relatives also provide a constant source of wisdom and … [Read more...]

Stop Closing Sales and Start Providing Value, or Lose to Price | Top Sales Trainer | Best Sales Trainer | Top Leadership Trainer

Are you trying to figure out some manipulative way of closing the sale or asking for the sale? Or worse, are you wondering when the best time to close is? Hers's another question for you - Is it more powerful for you to ask for the sale or for the customer to ask, "When can we get … [Read more...]

The Skills You Need To Be a True Leader

If you're a boss, manager, or leader of some kind, listen up. This lesson will help you clarify the real-world skills you need to be a true leader. I'm talking about the leadership qualities needed to succeed: the action items, principles, and skills to employ so leadership works. So it works for … [Read more...]

The 12.5 Step Formula to Get From FIRED to ON FIRE

Looking to keep your present job? What would you do if you were fired today? How would you feel? How would you react? Where would you go? What would you do? Here is my 12.5 step formula to get you from FIRED to ON FIRE. 1. Let your emotions out for 48 hours - not one minute more. Do all … [Read more...]

Sign Up For My ‘No Fear Networking’ Webinar: Tuesday, May 15th

Networking takes time. Quality time invested in networking will build your sales, your business, and your career. Done the right way, networking will lead you to make valuable connections that will earn you more than a contact, but a relationship with lasting profit. I’d like to personally invite y … [Read more...]

Here Are The Dumbest Questions Salespeople Ask — And Why They’re Dumb

Sales Truth: Salespeople become known by the questions they ask. Knowing this truth, you'd think all salespeople would ask smart questions. You'd be thinking wrong. It never ceases to amaze me, that with all the options salespeople have, they choose to alienate, anger or cause doubt in the mind … [Read more...]

4.5 Ways To Earn A Testimonial

1. Do everything you said you would do on time or sooner. To have any prayer for a testimonial you must be known as a person who does and delivers what you promise.  Without this fundamental element, don’t bother to read the rest. 2.  Be easy to do business with, and be friendly while you are doi … [Read more...]

Social Media Has Changed YOUR World

Social media has changed the world. Let me clarify that statement. Social media has changed YOUR world. Whatever you’re doing online, whether it’s tweeting, LinkedIning, Facebooking, or YouTubing, Social Media has changed your way of communicating one-on-one, one-on-customer base, and one … [Read more...]