The Opportunity of Business Social Media

Social media has become a phenomenon beyond words. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world have joined the party. In a millisecond, millions of people can know everything about everything and everyone. You knew it couldn’t be long before business got involved. Small business, big b … [Read more...]

Measuring the ROI of Social Media?

There’s a Laugh, and a Joke. I got an (unsolicited) email offering a webinar to teach me about how to measure, and the importance of measuring, the ROI of social media. TOTAL JOKE. And a bad one at that. Social media, business social media, is running wild – with or without you. Your cus … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer Featured in Forbes on Social Media

One hundred years ago, some clown was sitting on the fence of his farm. He was grumbling about the fact that this new device called the phone was destroying communication and that he didn’t have time for it. If someone wants to talk to him, they will come meet him face to face. He would opine, “The o … [Read more...]

Join Jeffrey Gitomer on Tomorrow’s Social Sales Jam

If you aspire to master the art of social selling, but are wondering how to go about it, look no further. I will join 21 of the most influential social sales experts in the world, and we are going share our proven plays for achieving maximum reach, results and revenue on the #SocSales Jam … [Read more...]

3.5 Ways to Make Twitter Part of Your Social Sales Strategy

What’s in a tweet? For most people it’s a post and a prayer. For me, it’s value, information others can use, followers, reputation, image, re-tweets, customers, referrals, sales, and money. Is that enough? Twitter has the power to generate awareness, create value attraction, keep you or your brand … [Read more...]

Is A Private Twitter Account The Way To Go? Tweet this: What’s in a tweet? Value, information, followers, reputation, image, customers, referrals, #sales, money #gitomer Follow Me on Twitter - @Gitomer … [Read more...]

Using Instagram is Not an Option; It’s an Opportunity!

QUESTION: Why did Facebook pay one billion dollars for Instagram? ANSWER: So that instead of worrying about how many people joined Instagram (and abandoned Facebook), they could brag about it. Are you on Instagram? I am. All of my family is. ALL of my family is. Daughters, granddaughters, in-laws, … [Read more...]

The Countdown for The Laws Book is HERE | 3 Days and Counting…

Unbreakable Law 20: Attract, Engage, and Connect Socially CHALLENGE Less than ten years ago, if you wanted to meet a prospect, it was all about live networking – showing up, talking, engaging, exchanging business cards, and trying to connect and get appointments with a few people. Now there’s L … [Read more...]