Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Training – The “I Want to Think It Over” Objection

Here's a question I received recently: Jeffrey, Is there a case that sometimes people do just need to think it over? I bought a car a few months ago, my decision was to buy and I was happy - but sometimes you do just need to reflect, I still bought the car! Ben Here are my thoughts on this: When … [Read more...]

There Are Fireworks Everywhere – Except in Sales

It's 4th of July. All holidays carry with them the same sales stigmas: • No one is in the office. • Everyone is on vacation. • Everyone left early. • People aren't willing to meet with me until after the holiday. • I can't get anyone on the phone. • It's a slow time of the year, I'd rather wai … [Read more...]

You Don’t “Get” Respect, You “Earn” It. And You’ll Earn Sales!

In 1978, Rodney Dangerfield burst onto the comedy scene claiming he “got no respect.” That theme earned him millions of laughs, and millions of dollars. The reason is the theme resonated with his audience, many of whom also got no respect. No respect from their employer, family members, or cus … [Read more...]

10.5 Rules At the Core of Your Sales Ability

These 10.5 sales rules are at the core of your ability to understand and deal with the prospect. They are short, sweet, and powerful. 1. Make up (and rehearse) questions that make you different and help you gain important information. 2. Plan the conversation to include issues that concern the … [Read more...]

Have You Always Wanted To Be A Sales Trainer?

Have you always wanted to be a sales trainer - or a better sales trainer? And use Jeffrey's brand and material to authenticate your offerings? Our Gitomer Certified Advisor Workshops are scheduled for MARCH 27-30 and SEPTEMBER 11-14, 2014. To reserve your spot for March or September, call our … [Read more...]

Here is an Example of a Personal Commercial

Let's say I'm the president of a company that sells advertising specialties... Name. "Hi, my name is Jeffrey Gitomer." Company Name. "My company is (I'm the president of) Continental Advertising." Creatively say what you do. "We impact your image, create sales, and ensure repeat business by … [Read more...]

Are Your Sales Historical or Hysterical?

Summer’s over. Back to school. Boy, there are some memories. High school. College. Subjects you loved, subjects you hated. Teachers you loved, teachers you hated. THE QUESTION IS: What did you learn in school? What lessons are you still using? I have 2.5 major, early and later s … [Read more...]

The Countdown for The Laws Book is HERE | 2 Days and Counting…

Unbreakable Law 21: Earn Without Asking CHALLENGE All salespeople want to make sales, ask for referrals, and beg for some letter of testimonial. Luckily, you’re not like all salespeople. The key to sales success is the word “earn.” You never have to close a sale if you earn it and you never hav … [Read more...]