`I’m having a bad day.’ `I’m in a bad mood.’ Get over it!

"I need a hug!" said the voice of a sad salesperson at the other end of the phone. "How can I help?" I asked. "I don't wanna whine, but I need some inspiration. You know, some encouragement. Someone to put some wind in my sails (sales)." Feeling down? Having a bad day? Dealing with the blahs? … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Deal of the Week #600 – Celebrating Sales Caffeine


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Jeffrey Answers a Question about Finding True Objections | Real World Sales Wisdom

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYw6H5bmuaQ   Its not what you say, it's what the customer perceives.  … [Read more...]

Kids teach the value, purpose, and wisdom of WOW!


  For years I have taught my children and my audiences to say “thank you” rather than “I’m sorry.” It’s a positive and powerful way to present yourself in a tenuous situation or conversation. It’s a positive communication that stops a negative one. And it leads to truth rather than excuse, … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer Real World Sales Wisdom | Your Consistent Positive Attitude Will Breed Positive Responses and Positive Results.

A positive is contagious, and is vital to networking success. How do you expect to have a positive attitude if you are not doing something positive in the morning every day?   … [Read more...]

What are you learning? How are you learning?

How are you taking advantage of your knowledge? I have been a student of sales since November 11, 1971. I was listening (via the brand new voice technology called the "cassette tape") to a guy named Jay Douglas Edwards, who uttered the sales tip, "If the customer says, ‘Do these come in green?' … [Read more...]

Attitude In. Attitude Out.

Attitude In. Attitude Out. (That’s the Real 360.) Attitude is at the core of success—yours first! If you’re a leader that’s looking to succeed and leave a legacy of achievement and accolade, then you may want to start higher than your goals and aspirations to uncover the way to make those … [Read more...]

10.5 Ways To Adapt To Change


Here are 10.5 ways to adapt to change and incorporate it naturally into your life -- and your life's work: 1. Just accept change as part of life - it's inevitable - don't fight it. Give change a chance. 2. Keep change in perspective - it ain't brain cancer - it's not death. It's something new … [Read more...]