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Are you trying to figure out some manipulative way of closing the sale or asking for the sale? Or worse, are you wondering when the best time to close is?

Hers’s another question for you – Is it more powerful for you to ask for the sale or for the customer to ask, “When can we get started?”

There are 9.5 key areas where value can be perceived. Learn them on this video:

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  1. Jeffrey- Once again, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I love the new blog, wish you great success with it. Thanks for all of the value you give before even asking for a sale! Well, in my case, you didn’t have to ask, I bought. And, I continue to buy!


  2. Great article on closing more sales by optimizing the value proposition before trying to closing the deal. Closing is a challenge for sales people. Your advice is appreciated, you laid out a nice system to systematically follow through the whole selling process.

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