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Breaking down barriers to make a sale is part of every salesperson’s real-world. Every customer has objections. Your job is to be at ease with them, overcome them, and identify them as a buying signal. I’d like to personally invite you to join me for my upcoming Break Down Barriers To Make The Sale webinar on March 21st, 2012!


Read what others are saying about my webinars:

I truly enjoyed the webinar yesterday!  This was my first one and I love the frankness and down to earth way that Jeffrey Gitomer speaks to the audience – no punches – just straight talk!  The hour and the screens flew by fairly quickly and per Jeffrey’s recommendation I do want to watch this several more times.  Where do I go to see this again?   Thanks, —Nancy

So glad I invested  $199 in me ! I was a speaker today at my local leads group and yes, I mentioned the web conf from yesterday and encourage others to jump in head first and invest in themselves too.  I thought I was a positive person, however, the man in the mirror spoke loud and clear and challenged me to  be more do more  and give more.  Looking forward to session 3 next time! Positively,  —David

Thank-you Andy, the webinar was awesome and timely. Although I have had the YES attitude book for several years, I have not been a disciple of it , to my own detriment. As a result I have become a little jaded, sarcastic and cynical. Not only has it affected my business, it has also affected my marriage. After watching the webinar, I am committing myself to the YES ! Attitude.   Once again, thank-you for the “kick in the butt”.   Best regards, —Ken

I had a conversation with a potential client 3 hours after the close of the webinar.  I focused on Jeff’s comment that 70% buy on value—which I already know!  The  person making the referral said the potential client turned away the last coach due to price. I’ve also been advised to maintain my price structure and attract the higher end client.   When I spoke to the client, I focused first on what SHE wanted from coaching—the OUTCOME—and then asked her “If you had the Outcome you wanted, how would your life be different or easier?  She couldn’t answer right away because she was not visioning success—just the challenges.  We talked for half and hour and then I sent the contract. I will earn my fees with her and she is exactly the type of high end professional client I want to work with.  —Donna

I thought you guys did very well and I found great value in your webinar. You two have great synergy and kept it so fun, my colleagues wanted to know what I was gut laughing about a few times during the lesson. I will recommend the sessions to my groups and be back for more.  Off to buy my little red book.  —Dawn

Thanks to everyone above for the kind words!

If you haven’t been on any of my recent webinars, sign up now before it’s too late!

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