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Between December 12th and 16th I am going to give 5 webinars that are going to rocket you into 2012 because it’s information you can use. The minute you hear it you can take it out into the street and turn it into money!

On Monday I’m going to talk about how to take full advantage of 2012 in the new economy. Everything you need to know but didn’t really want to execute in a manner you could do it and feel comfortable with. I’m going to give you the comfort.

On Tuesday I’m going to talk about Cold Calling. I hate it, but you gotta make them. I’m going to teach you how to do it with a new approach and how to do it until you don’t have to do it anymore.

On Wednesday I’m going to talk about how to create a killer personal brand, something that will just not register on Google as the first full page, but one that will give you a reputation based in value.

On Thursday I’m going to talk about differentiate or die. How to really differentiate yourself from the people you hate, your competition. You won’t have to hate them anymore, they’ll hate you.

On Friday I’m going to take the whole hour and do unlimited Q&A. I’m going to gather the questions from the first four and then anything you want to ask, Andy Horner and I will be available to answer every singe one of your questions even if it takes 2 hours.

Anyone who signs up gets a bonus. Every single registrant will received recordings of our 3 biggest webinars from 2011. Delivering Value, A Cash Source Crash Course, How to Ask Powerful, Emotionally Engaging Questions, and I Tweet, Therefore I Am!

To register for my webinar bootcamp today, click here, or on the photo below.

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