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Are you using the WOW factor?

What is WOW? – WOW is sales!

WOW separates the strong from the weak.

WOW separates the sincere from the insincere.

WOW separates the sales pro’s from the con’s.

WOW separates the yes’es from the no’s.

WOW is the full measure of your sales power and the way you use it.

Are you WOW? Is WOW a factor in your selling process?

How do you WOW the customer?

Are you WOW? Here’s a self test. Ask yourself –

· Would you buy it if you were the buyer?

· Do you have what it takes to stick with it, stick to it, and do it until it’s done?

· Will the prospect be moved to act as a result of your presentation?

· Will the prospect go home or around the office and talk about you in a positive way?

· Do you epitomize the 15 WOW characteristics?

The WOW factor is easy to read about, but damn hard to create, prepare and implement. There is a challenge and sacrifice needed to put WOW into your selling process. If you have the fortitude to put the package together, then you must put your WOW in front of the prospect. Here are the final steps to incorporate WOW into your presentation. Notice that all are intangible.

· Focus on your target.

· Have your dreams ever present in your mind.

· Put your passion in your presentation.

· Don’t ever let them see you sweat.

· Let them feel your belief in yourself and your product.

· Never quit.

In sales it all boils down to one word… yes. To get there more often use WOW.


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