Persuasion is the process… getting your way is the outcome

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The prime strategy for getting your way is implementing a persuasion process that leads to a positive outcome.

The two-word secret of how to be persuasive and how to implement persuasion strategies is manipulation free. Manipulated persuasion is short lived. True persuasion exists when it lasts beyond the moment.

Persuasion is a science. You can learn to persuade. You can learn the best ways to persuade in each given situation of your business life, your sales life, and your personal life.

Persuasion is an art. Never crossing the line to “pushy.” It’s showing reserve and poise. In short – being cool.

Persuasion is excellent questioning skills beyond excellent communication skills. It’s getting the other person to clarify what you want in their mind. Rather than tell them “This is why that happened…” ask “Why do you think this happened” or “What made this happen?” Subtle but powerful difference.

Persuasion is a compromise.Often there is some give and take in order to get to your way.

Persuasion is asking questions that clarify the situation. Asking for elaboration, understanding, and “why” will lead you to harmony. That harmony will permit open-minded dialog.

Persuasion is excellent listening skills. Listening is one of the most difficult elements of persuasion because it requires patience. The two-word secret of patience and listening is not “shut up.” It’s “take notes.” Taking notes shows respect and eliminates miscommunication.

Persuasion is getting the other guy to convince himself. getting the other guy to convince himself. If you question, listen, write it down, and question again for clarification, your answers and your point of view will become obvious.

Persuasion is preparation. Gathering the right information. Creating the right questions. Uncovering the right hot buttons – and acting on them.

Persuasion is a victory. Persuasion is the science by which you get your way. It’s not just getting your way; it’s persuading with harmony and everyone to agree. It’s you getting your way without the other guy feeling like he or she “lost.”

Persuasion is reading this book more than once. And putting the elements into action.

“I did it my way!” is not the way that song should have ended. If Frank or Elvis were masters of persuasion, they would have sung: “I did it my way, and everyone agreed with me!”

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