How’s Your Life Doing? Life magazine. This particular issue is February 11, 1946. The day and the year that I was born. How's your life doing? This is a magazine that reminds you of what's going on in other people's lives. You better concern … [Continue reading]

Seth Godin on Sharing and Celebrating


Seth Godin writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything. I was honored to find I had been included in his recent post about authors doing amazing things and … [Continue reading]

You Don’t “Get” Respect, You “Earn” It. And You’ll Earn Sales!


In 1978, Rodney Dangerfield burst onto the comedy scene claiming he “got no respect.” That theme earned him millions of laughs, and millions of dollars. The reason is the theme resonated with his audience, many of whom also got no respect. No respect … [Continue reading]

Think and Grow Rich for Women – A New Perspective On Napoleon Hill’s Principles


Who needs balance? Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is the best selling success book of all time - and was a turning point in millions of lives, including mine. Sharon Lechter and the Napoleon Hill Foundation are releasing a modernized edition … [Continue reading]

10.5 Rules At the Core of Your Sales Ability


These 10.5 sales rules are at the core of your ability to understand and deal with the prospect. They are short, sweet, and powerful. 1. Make up (and rehearse) questions that make you different and help you gain important information. 2. Plan the … [Continue reading]

Get Inside The Mind of Your Customer


Ever wanted to get inside the mind of your customer? In this free, live webinar tomorrow you will learn: • How the world sees you • What makes you most impressive to others • How you're most likely to influence the person on the other side of the … [Continue reading]

5 Sales Tips To Cash In On


You rarely use the sales tips you’re given, even though they’re obvious and may be better than the way you’re selling. REASON? You’re comfortable with moderate success, and don’t want to chance losing what you have. The classic example is my tip: … [Continue reading]

What Were You Thinking? Think About the Business of Thinking


THINK! Think is a word that most people read, and don't do. Or don't do enough. Ever hear the phrase, "What were you thinking?" Do I have to define it? No, because it usually means you weren't. John Patterson, Founder of The National Cash Register … [Continue reading]