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Social BOOM! contains every aspect of social media, including the business periphery (blog, personal website, e-zine) that you need in order to create the real law of attraction. When you create a connection, it’s an indicator that that prospect, or that customer, or that person wants to continue the online relationship, which may lead to real business. Graduate from social media to business social media by creating value that others will perceive as important to fulfilling their needs.

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  1. I got mine & Social Boom is excellent Jeffrey – Now required reading for all of my clients! Also love your reading List filed under “Ayn Rand” – speaking of which, Atlas Shrugged is premiering next week & a Richmond-based firm (Wealthcare Cap Mgmt – http://www.wealthcarecapital.com/) is sponsoring it – Keep up the great work – you need to speak here soon!

  2. I’m reading this book now in order to help my clients and assist me in adapting to the future. I have some catching up to do, and being an introvert especially needed a push to get into social media.

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