Motives to Buy Are The Most Powerful Motivator to Securing a Sale.

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I focus on buying motives.

Reason? They’re a million times more powerful than selling skills. Make that a zillion. And here’s the best part — your competition is still “selling.”

Two big questions: How do you uncover buying motives? At the heart of understanding and capturing buying motives is a strategy that’s so powerful it’s almost always overlooked.

Big answer: Ask previous customers. Ask them why they bought. Yes, it’s that simple. But, it will help if a few things are in place. First you have to have a relationship with the customer you want to ask. Second, you should have a reason to visit other than “taking.” (The meeting will be much more communicative if you are offering something of value in exchange for his or her candor.)

The Bigger question is:
How do you find the real motive to buy?


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  1. By definition, to sell “blue ocean” products or services, there might not be a past or previous pattern of shopping and buying. How about (a) curiosity (b) adventure (c) boredom (d) being seen as an “early adopter” as motives? Would like to hear more on this.

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