Looking for happiness? Give it to yourself!

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Many people will tell you to get a positive attitude, or that a positive attitude is essential for success. But very few tell you HOW to achieve one, so I will.


Here’s how:

I just gave you the first clue: Surround yourself with “happy.” Create a happy living space.

The second: Expose yourself to happy media like sitcoms and cartoons.

The third: Associate with happy people. Think about it. Why would you do it any other way?

The fourth: Work in a happy place. Happy boss. Happy coworkers. Happy customers. Don’t settle for two out of three.

And the inevitable 4.5, which is the most difficult: Respond happy. If someone gives you “unhappy,” you have to respond with a positive expression. Most people begin by telling you their problems, gripes, complaints, tragedies, and other tales of woe. You have to find the silver lining in the cloud, the pony in the barn full of manure, the pearl, the diamond, the glass slipper-you get it. The happy part.


MAJOR CLUE: Happiness is every day. You have to take some measure of action in each of these areas daily.



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