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Fire up your computer. Get out your notepad. Pull up a chair and fasten your seatbelt! Andy Horner, Chief Architect of Jeffrey’s Ace of Sales, and I are about to open up a can of webinar whoop-ass! The new Gitomer Webinar Series is packed with entertaining stories, loads of useful tips, and fresh sales-making ideas to help you make more money, have more fun, and improve your life. Did we mention make more money? Learn more:

Webinar Details — Wednesday, June 29th:

Topic: How to ask powerful, emtionally engaging questions

Description: The most important aspect of making a sale is also a major weakness of every salesperson: asking the right questions that will draw out the buyer’s motive and alleviate your need to sell. There are 10 types of powerful, emotionally engaging questions that get to the heart of the selling process:

  • Questions to reveal dreams
  • Questions you ask about the other person that makes them stop and think, and answer in terms of you
  • Questions that gain commitment

Date and Times: June 29th, 2011 at 11 AM and 3 PM EST

To Register: Click here. Don’t wait to register! Spaces are limited to 500.

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