Jeffrey Gitomer’s Win Now!

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You can’t change things in THE world, but you can change things in YOUR world. ~Jeffrey Gitomer, author of Win Now, a new book only available on Kindle, now available on Amazon!

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  1. Jesse Springer says:

    I’m up early on a Sun, ready about sales and the industry. Would love to add another one of your books to my reading rotation list.

  2. I’ve read many of your blogs and watched a few of your videos on YouTube and so I’m looking forward to hearing you speak at the ICCFA Convention this Thursday in Tampa.

    As you may know, it’s an industry (from funeral homes to cemeteries to manufacturers to service providers) that far too many resist the idea of changing the way they speak to, and interact with, their various customers. As a marketing firm who promotes itself as “Agents of Change” (our blog: , we see that while many really like what we say and do, they just can’t bring themselves to doing something other than what they’ve been doing. In short, the status quo is king. Our efforts and those of others (like yourself) will hopefully get people over the hump.

    I’m sure I’ll enjoy your keynote address!

  3. Great! Gitomer is simply great!

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