Why Did You Choose Sales?

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What do you like about sales?
What do you love about sales?

CONSIDER THIS: If you know what you like and love about sales, then doing the hard work to make them happen becomes a joy rather than a job.

Here is a list of things that might jog your memory back to the time you first chose sales as a profession:

• The overall challenge that sales presents.
• The intellectual stimulation of the entire process.
• Building friendships with customers and suppliers.
• The creativity of coming up with ideas.
• The challenge of asking and engaging.
• The theatrics of the presentation and the excitement of preparation.
• The creativity challenge of differentiating yourself from the competition.
• The creativity challenge of thinking on your feet as objections arise.
• The pride of showing testimonials as proof of what you’re saying.
• The thrill of beating the competition or winning the battle with purchasing.
• The making of money – the drive to earn based on what you’re worth.
• The ever-changing routine that keeps you on your toes, and off your butt.
• The increasing speed of technology.
• The great feeling you get from solving a problem, with you as the solution.
• The great feeling of serving customers and helping them succeed.
• The personal pride of making the sale, and knowing the customer made the right choice.
• Knowing the customer is better off having purchased from you.
• The pride of winning – the sale, the up-sell, and the reorder.
• The pride of earning a referral.
• The great feeling of accomplishment.

The secret is no secret. It’s loving what you do. It’s knowing you can do what few dare to try. It’s earning money based on your ability, not just based on someone else’s opinion of what you’re worth (some people don’t want that risk – understood and respected). If your heart isn’t in it, neither is your head.

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