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Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Tweets

Tweet: The biggest secret (and the biggest obstacle) to success is you. #gitomer

Tweet: Redefine how you think about selling, closing deals, social media, & how you use your time. #gitomer

Tweet: The reason you have to say ‘Trust me!’ is that you haven’t earned it and are forced to ask for it. #trust #gitomer

Tweet: Positive mental attitude is determined by you. Not others. #attitude #gitomer

Tweet: My objective when I was first learning how to sell is the same as it is today: be the best in the world. #sales #gitomer

Tweet: You make more friends in 2 months being interested in other people, than in 2 years trying to get other people interested in you. #gitomer

Tweet: Looking for happiness? Give it to yourself! #gitomer

Tweet: If you listen better, you will sell more. #selling #gitomer

Tweet: Dedication to serving and enlightening others based on heartfelt belief leads to #trust. #gitomer

Tweet: You don’t add value – you give value. #gitomer

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