What Really Happens In Vegas? Opportunity!

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WHAT REALLY HAPPENS IN VEGAS? In spite of alluring and suggestive commercials, when businesses meet for a conference or a trade show, “opportunity” happens. Businessmen and women from all over the world converge to plan, strategize, buy, sell, learn, make connections, build relationships, and create commerce. All positive things in a negative economy. All progressive economic actions at a time when progress and growth are desperately needed. At these meetings there is also recognition of people who have done well, made profit, won contests, and achieved success. These awards are powerful tools of personal pride and achievement incentive.

CAUTION: Yes, Vegas has diversions – some risqué clubs, gambling everywhere, open 24/7, easy access to liquor, and some of the finest wines in the world. My advice is MODERATION. If you’re dying to spend money, play some slots or blackjack, but also buy some clothing. This way you go home with something.

JUST DO IT: I am presenting two seminars in Las Vegas this week.  Leave Las Vegas with recharged sales energy and actions to improve your top line, and your bottom line. Get the details, and get your ticket, right here.

Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Training Live in Las Vegas

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