Sales Offers and Value Messages – Do You Know the Difference?

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Jeffrey Gitomer Sales vs Value Training

There’s a huge difference between your sales offer and a value message…

• Sales offers repel, or are only accepted at the moment of genuine need.

• Value messages attract and keep you at “top of mind” for when an actual need occurs.

• When you send out a sales offer, or call a sales offer, people who don’t need it at that moment will tell you no, or ignore you. People who already have what you offer will tell you no, or ignore you. And people who don’t know you and are skeptical of your offer will tell you no, or ignore you. That’s pretty much everyone.

• Sales offers are instant and often forgotten the next day.

• Value messages are timeless and build credibility until genuine time of need.

• And why are you bragging about yourself? Where are your customers? Where are the testimonials?

Re-think the way you provide information to customers (a marketing strategy), and you may open up a few more doors. If your website, your email magazine, or your blog offers information about what your software does, how people produce from it, and how people profit from it – you may have a chance of attracting customers without making that sales call.

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