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If you look deep inside trust, you will find truth. -Jeffrey Gitomer



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  1. Ed Sugar says:

    Mr. Gitomer –

    I read your blog on a regular basis and enjoy your thoughts and comments. But I was a little put off by the line above and that fact that you took credit for it.

    If you do a Google search for “Mark McCormack Quotes”, you will find that this classic quote has long been attributed to Mark McCormack, the founder and chairman of IMG.

    Here is an example I found on

    Please rectify this situation and regain my trust.

    Thank you,

    Ed Sugar

    • Ed,

      I was going through old blog comments and trying to get rid of the spam, when I ran across yours. I will investigate what you are talking about! Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

      Elizabeth Barber
      Purveyor of Public Outreach
      Buy Gitomer

  2. Ed Sugar says:

    Thank you for doing the “Right Thing”. You have regained my trust.

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