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A person who seems to have all the answers, usually isn’t listening.


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  1. Larry Fagan says:

    Jeffery is my modern day Zig Ziglar, (God rest his soul). I began my sales career many years ago and have been reading to improve my abilities for many years. I was raised on Dale Carnegie , Zig Ziglar, Steven Covey and many other brilliant leaders.

    Listening is a main key to success in relationship. Be it customer, family, friends. So many people have come to me over the years saying ” Larry I have a friend who would be a great sales person for you, they are great talkers” immediately a red flag goes up alarming , possibly not a good listener. Without a doubt to serve others(sales)it is so vitale to be a good listener . And being a good listener doesn’t mean that you fight back speaking while you are formulating what you are about to say to be the great one. It means to listen deeply. I learned this so well on a personal bases when for years I was trying to fix my mother who was enabling a younger brother who had drug and alcohol problems. If she would just understand I have the answers she would be better off. Well you all know what happens with that mindset but I didn’t until a friend said Larry go visit your mother and love her and listen to her and smile. Of course in sales doing that you would go broke. But pretty much follow those steps and truly listen and care for your customer or prospect and the ask if they’d be interested in your solution. If yes congratulations. If no congratulation( you just possibly saved a lot of wasted time). And to paraphrase Zig Ziglar, the more you help others to satisfy their wants and needs, the more you will be provided with what you need.

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