Q&A – Daily Value Messages

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Hi Jeffrey,

Please, can you expand a little on your suggestions to make a wish list of five potential customers and post a daily value message for them?



A. Connect with them on LinkedIn.
B. Post your value message everyday as your message of the day to all of your LinkedIn prospects and connections.
C. Make sure the value has to do something about them. What are they hoping to do in their business? Are they looking to have less problems, are the looking to make more sales, are they looking to have greater productivity, are they looking to have better morale inside the place? Whatever it is, your job is to understand what it is that they want, what it is that they need and post about that.

And you’re going to find, I do it everyday if you look at my LinkedIn account, I post a daily value message. You would be amazed at how many people post it to their connections.

That’s the secret. Get it re-posted. That way you know you’ve had your own, literally that’s your own report card for how valuable it was or it wasn’t.

But get your connections, make your connections and then post a value message that helps them.


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