Q&A – Business Etiquette

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Here’s a question I got recently:

I would like to prove that my employer should require continuing etiquette education at all client contact levels. Most know intuitively that “people do business with people they like” however, do clients truly value etiquette and make buying decisions based upon it?

Here’s my answer:

Well, kind of. I look at etiquette and, if you ever read the Fancy Nancy books, etiquette is a fancy word for manners. And you kind of know what to do because your mom taught you, you should call her up and thank her for teaching you manners. It’s a matter of being sincere and using manners. Not, “Have a nice day” rather, “Thanks for your business.” Etiquette is something that is followed by the look of you as well. So it’s how you act and how you look. You don’t have to look designer, but you have to look professional and your etiquette starts with your friendliness, so don’t think of etiquette as something where you have to sit up straight and your fork has to be on the lefthand side. Rather think of it as, I’m friendly, I’m approachable and I’m going to say “please” and “thank you” as often as I possibly can.

Don’t call me “sir”, don’t call the woman “ma’am”, ask for their name. Say “I apologize, but I don’t know your name. My name’s Jeffrey.” “Great, my name’s Pam.” Hi Pam, Hi Jeffrey. That’s business friendly etiquette. Use that.

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