Here’s the Email Used to Generate 1,000 Sales Leads

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This morning I sent an initial mailing to my entire list as part of my strategy to generate 1,000 sales leads. I will be sending another one on Monday, and another one in 11 days, on a Friday. This gives me maximum penetration of my own list. It links to my promo video and information site. The copy in this email is short and sweet. It makes NO promises other than “add Jeffrey Gitomer to your coaching or training business.”

This is a screenshot, the links will not work. You will find the live links below.

Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Training Lead Generation

Click here to watch the message from Jeffrey.
Click here to read the detailed FAQ about the program.
Click here to register or request more information.

You can follow this same strategy to generate leads for yourself and build a pipeline that will put money in your pocket every day!

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